In the future I would like to be a very successful accountant. Leisel might want to write or draw things because she loves reading and I believe she would make a great writer. Leisel has a lot to look forward to because she is a bright child who deserves to have greatness in life. I believe everyone has hope, even me. I look forward to all of my future and what will happen to me. I hope it will be a great future for me!
The standover man was introduced in Pages from the Basement. A standover man is someone who stands over and "watches" a certain someone. The standover man is always sitting in the back of someones mind. Max thinks his standover men are scary and follow him around all the time. He later thinks that Leisel becomes his new standover man. But Leisel's interpretation of her standover men are peaceful and she likes them. Some of hers might he Hans or Rudy. The book that Max made Leisel had some weird, but they understand the topic of a standover man from Max's point of view. Towards the end they say that there is a standover man sitting against the wall in the corner, which I believe is death.
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